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    Email Solutions
    Email tailored for your business.
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    Custom Web Design and Development
    Get a Web Site customized for your business.
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    Get to know your customers better
    Know how to engage your customers.

Welcome To EDS. The Company that stands by our Solutions.

With over 30 Years of experience ranging from small scale to large enterprise solutions we have you covered.


Building and deployment for any size web application.

Content Management

Create and modifiy digital content for your web site.


Send Transactional and Marketing emails.

About Us

About Our Company

At EDS we pride ourselves in putting our customers first no matter the size of the company. We realize the right solution is the most important one for our clients' growth. Our solutions help streamline cost and increase productivity. By communicating constantly with our clients, we ensure projects are completed in a timely manner. We produce:

  • Clean Modern Code
  • Weekly Projects Status Update
  • High Quality and Timely Work
  • Help and Support Plans Available
  • Use Latest Design Processes
  • Consulting Services Available
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority
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EDS is the best company for all your technical needs!

We offer a wide range of solutions for personal , small business and government agencies.